First of all, know that sometimes we get lots of submissions. Sometimes we don't. If you aren't chosen to be critiqued by the guest for whom you submit, you can always submit again for future episodes, and there's a good chance we'll get to your chapter. Sometimes we randomly go back through old submissions, too. You never know.

To get a first chapter critique: 

1) Follow one of our social media accounts:




2) Post about the podcast

This could be a simple as sharing a guest announcement and why you're excited to listen. It doesn't have to be a huge outpouring of love or an in depth essay on why Cameron is actually a bat in disguise. We do, however, notice when people share things they like from previous episodes or tell their friends why they should listen to us. Be sure to tag us or screenshot the post! We do check.

3) Subscribe to the podcast

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(or whatever podcast app you use)

4) Submit your first chapter

Submit your work in the body of an e-mail (up to ten pages double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font) to with the working title and genre in the subject line.

If you are submitting for a critique from a special guest, add their name to the subject line.

In the event you aren't chosen, and would like a chance for a first chapter critique during a future episode featuring our literary agent in residence, Ben Grange, or just the Lit Service cast, please indicate this in the body of your e-mail. Doing this will not lessen your chances of getting a special guest critique.

Please do not include any attachments, links to google docs, or anything like that. We're not kidding when we say copy and paste your chapter into the body of your e-mail.

5) Listen to the show!

We'll announce the chosen first chapter during the episode.

All special guest announcements can be found on our social media accounts with deadlines for when your chapter needs to be in our inbox in order to be considered.​

Submitting means you agree to let us post your work on our website for those who would like to look over our notes (and so you can see them too!).

If you are chosen for a critique and later land an agent, you can let us know and we'll take your chapter down. (We'll also be super excited for you and celebrate!!)

Good Luck!