Lit Service has two purposes:

First, we want to help authors get through the slushpile. Querying is hard, not only because taste in books is subjective, but because if you're doing something wrong, no one will tell you. Agents only give feedback on projects they're interested in representing.

We give querying authors access to professional level feedback. Instead of icy silence or a form rejection, we'll tell you what might not be working in your first chapter.

​We do two podcasts a month and have a guest for at one or more of those episodes, usually authors, agents, editors, and other publishing industry professionals.

Second, we model positive critique partner/writing group behavior. One of the most important parts about writing is being able to listen to and give feedback. Unfortunately, this can be very damaging if you have a group or partner who is trying to write your book for you. Listen in to see what we're talking about.